Family Protection

A young couple with a child, all jumping in the airThis is an area many people neglect or don't give sufficient thought. The level and type of insurance protection required is likely to be different from your initial estimation. Sometimes the life insurance requirement can actually be less than you already have and we would then advise you to cancel or reduce the cover.

It is very likely that we would advise you to change the insurance cover you have in some way but we will always try to match the cover with the actual requirements.

Most people insure their cars, their home, the contents of their home and their lives but neglect to think about the real effect on their family's long-term financial situation and lifestyle in the event that they die or are incapacitated for a long period by injury or illness. For your family to be able to retain the lifestyle they currently enjoy, they might require a higher income that they currently have. For example, if the surviving parent will need to take on full time employment, expensive child care arrangements might be necessary.

Replacement of lost income can be critical for small business owners, where income can cease immediately if the owner is not active.

We will work through your current situation with you, looking at your assets, income, benefits provided by your employer or existing insurance cover. Once we have established any shortcomings in your protection we will advise on a strategy to deal with it.

We can advise on:

  • Income Protection
  • Family Protection
  • Critical Illness Protection
  • Life Insurance

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