Pensions in Divorce

Wedding rings, one with splitDivorce situations, apart from being traumatic emotionally for the people involved, can be a minefield both legally and financially.

Many people don't understand that their pension can be their greatest financial asset. A pension of £10 000 per year requires a fund of approximately £200 000 to provide the income.

We have many years' experience in dealing with the financial issues around pensions in divorce and, by taking a calm and reasoned approach, we can take a lot of the stress out of your situation. We will look carefully at your situation and any financial claims that are being made either by you or against you. Using our experience and knowledge of the variety of ways that settlements can be dealt with, we are often able to negotiate solutions that are far more favourable than those first offered.

Legislation has changed and pensions are now taken as part of the matrimonial assets. Your solicitor will be able to deal with the legal implications of this but we, as pension specialists, will be able to help you to ensure that the right solution is achieved for your particular situation.


To convert a £20 000 final salary pension into a fund value, assuming an annuity rate of 5%, to provide a 50% pension i.e. £10 000 for the male partner would require a fund of £200 000. As females are deemed to live longer than males, to provide an equivalent pension for the female partner would require a higher fund. We would provide the required figures to your solicitor to support your case, taking into account the market situation and the products available.

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